Drone Aerial Building Surveys

Drones - Building Surveys with Aerial View 360 Photos


For some time now Drones have been available on the market for the military, commercial use and hobbyists and we are hearing more and more about them via the media. As is often the case with new technology drones were at first expensive but have subsequently become more affordable. Drones too have developed from their early days where they reached lower heights and stability as well as quality of imagery was limited. Today’s drones reach high altitudes; carry high quality cameras with complex software with less expensive models available too.


Drones and building surveys

Cost effective aerial building inspections and surveys using video and aerial photograph


Example survey with aerial view 360 photosOur Building Surveyors use drones to access difficult to observe areas of buildings to take aerial view 360 photos to assist in identifying problem areas in a property. In the past building surveyors used long ladders, scaffold towers and scaffolding was used to reach roofs, valley gutters and chimneys to inspect these hard to view areas. Hiring and erecting scaffolding is expensive and time consuming whereas using a drone is quick and less expensive.

Within our building surveys we include many aerial view 360 photos many of which are taken using drones. A drone used for structural building surveys is a great tool enabling not only digital high-resolution photography but also thermal imaging and 3D mapping of properties too.

We believe that we are at the forefront of Building Surveyors using drones and whether looking at a Listed Building or modern home drones help making our building surveys the best money can buy.

Lintel to bay window

During our building survey of a Listed Building in Lincolnshire our drone helped when we photographed a large bay window roof. Our Building Surveyors included this aerial view 360 photo in the structural building survey which helped to identify movement in this area.

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What is a drone?

A Drone is the common name used by the public for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) in other words an aircraft without a human pilot. Drones are controlled by various methods including:-

  1. Remote control by individual located on the ground or another vehicle
  2. On board computers

Building Surveys with a drone

Our Building Surveyors use our remotely controlled drones to enable us to provide our clients with aerial view 360 photos and video survey footage of buildings and problem areas that would otherwise be difficult and costly to inspect. Our aerial view photos are taken using high definition digital cameras and video is filmed using incredibly high definition video with an option whereby it can be paused to give exceptional views of the building and its structure. This is remarkably useful where access is problematic or where, for example, a roof is unsound.


drone shows missing slates to roof

Drones save time and money when carrying out a building survey

Drones and building surveys

With drones there is no need to use scaffolding around a property or hire a cherry picker to carry out your roof survey or structural building survey.  Using drones enables our Building Surveyors to carry building surveys quickly as we understand time is of the essence in the property market when decisions often need to be made quickly.  

We also pass on the savings that we make to you as scaffolding and cherry pickers are costly ensuring our building surveys are the best price. We then include many of these aerial view 360 photos within your building survey report making, we believe, our building surveys unique and the best money can buy. 

Drones and aerial view 360 photos

Take a look at the adjacent photo where our drone allowed us to take a closer look at a chimney.  The photo revealed poor quality cement repairs and plants growing out of the lower part of the chimney which we could describe fully in our building survey for our client.

Drone allows close up view of chimney defects

Drones in the media

The mainstream media frequently have articles about drones such as

BBC News: ‘Drone’ hits BA plane: Police investigate Heathrow incident

BBC News: “Why the future of drones is up in the air”

Evening Standard: “Drone pilot ‘breaks every rule in book’ with incredible video footage of London”

Sky News: “Calls to Police over drones up by 2,000%”

Daily Mail: British drone strikes have killed 305 ISIS targets in the last year without causing ANY civilian casualties


Whether scare mongering or promoting drones are a media topic that is frequently making headlines with the drone market expected to be worth higher and higher figures.

 For example The Consumer Electronics Association stated the drone market is worth $130m £86 million in 2015, 50% higher than the previous year.


Drones and Legislation – a veritable minefield of regulations and safety

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More information on drones

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