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Layout Plans


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Planning on an extension or alteration to your home?

A layout plan or floorplan of your property is essential to gain an understanding of the space.

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Why is a floorplan is essential when making alterations to a house?

You may be considering removing an internal wall or several internal walls reconfiguring the house layout – a floorplan will ensure you do not waste time and money giving a clear visual representation of the changes planned.

Selling your home – a floorplan is essential

If you are selling your home a floorplan is essential to enable potential buyers to understand the floor space and layout of the property.

When marketing your property a floorplan will increase interest in your property and thereby your chances of selling your home.

Whilst photographs can make your property look desirable a floorplan supports the photos providing a realistic picture of the layout of the property. Photographs are not always shown of every room especially lofts, basements, box rooms, cupboards etc whereas a floorplan shows all the available space reinforcing the overall size and potential of a property increasing perceived value.

A floorplan will not only allow a potential purchaser to visualise the room layout but the flow of the property too. In addition the dimensions will ensure that a purchaser can ascertain if their furniture will fit into the space or use as a template for their new interior design layout.

Good floorplans and Bad floorplans

When either looking at an existing floorplan or planning a new floorplan it is essential to make the right decision. A good floorplan will:-

  1. maximise space
  2. create a natural room flow
  3. enhance your life
  4. maximise light
  5. ensure a good airflow

However, getting the floorplan right is essential as if you get it wrong a bad floorplan can:-

  1. create a cramped feeling
  2. make the property appear dark
  3. may effect the resale value of the property
  4. create an uninviting ambience


Floorplans have changed over the years

Over the years floorplans have changed and evolved, typically in the Victorian era a house would comprise of several rooms positioned along a long hallway. Today’s homes have a variety of layouts with open plan living popular. Developer’s often try to include a larger number of bedrooms as a selling point but sometimes the bedrooms are comprised in size enabling only single beds rather than doubles and minimal furniture.

A good floorplan is key whatever the space available and one that appeals to you whilst you live in the property but also with a view to being appealing to a wide variety of tastes when the time comes to sell.

Flexible floorplans

A floorplan that has flexibility is good as you may for example wish to use a room as an office but at a later date use the room as a child’s bedroom or vice versa.

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