3D Models of Churches

3D Models of church buildings

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We provide 3D models of churches that let you experience your property in a realistic three-dimensional view.

Planning, designing, constructing a 3D model ensures you and your builders are on the same page.


Take a look at some of our 3D examples below


Find intelligent solutions with 3D models and layout plans

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Converting a church or place of worship to a home?

Buildings that were once churches or places of worship are sometimes converted into places to live either as one large residence or divided into several apartments.  Buying or renting a converted church or place of worship can be a high-risk purchase or lease so to find out more about any property concerns or defects free phone 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with our highly qualified, experienced Building Surveyors.

A 3D model or layout plan can help you to visualise any changes you may be thinking of making to the church or place of worship saving you time and money and ensuring your builders are on the same wave length as you.

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Save time and money with a 3D layout plan

Expert help to create a natural room flow and enhance your life



Our 3D Layout Plans ensure the layout suits your lifestyle

Whether wishing to create open plan areas or dividing living space to achieve various rooms for practical living receiving expert advice to achieve your goals and a 3D layout plan will not only save you time but money too.

A floorplan helps to ensure you maximise space, create a natural room floor, maximise light and ensure that you achieve a good airflow with the property.  Visualise your amended living space and look at alternative ways to divide the area prior to committing to carrying out alterations to ensure you achieve your desired outcome - mistakes can be costly - a 3D floorplan will help You achieve your goal.


Planning on carrying out maintenance or converting a church to a home?

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