Property problems solved with 360 photos

Property Problems can be solved with aerial view 360 photos

All our Surveyors use the latest surveying technology

Don't detay call our surveyors todayAll our Surveyors use the latest surveying technology when carrying out structural building surveys on properties. Our experienced Independent Building Surveyors include high quality digital aerial view ~ 360 photos, 3D models, unique survey sketches within the survey reports as well as using the latest technology with thermal imaging assisting in identifying problem areas within a property.

Why our Building Surveyors include aerial view 360 photos

Whilst carrying out our property inspections to compile our structural building surveys our Surveyors take hundreds of photos as a record of the building and many of these are then included within our survey reports. By including many survey photos this helps to aid an understanding of the area being described and any problem within the area. Our Surveyors use the latest digital cameras with x16 zoon lens and also provide aerial view 360 photos, which give a unique view of some of the more difficult areas of a property to view.

Aerial view 360 photos give a unique view

Aerial view 360 photos give a unique view from a bird’s eye perspective and are a cost-effective way of viewing some of the more difficult areas of a property to access. Hidden box gutters and valley gutters are often property problem areas, which can be defective and allowing dampness to get into a property and can be difficult to view.

Vegetation growing blocking gutter

Vegetation growing in guttering

Cost-effective aerial view 360 photo

helps to view problem areas

Debris blocking valley gutter

Debris in valley gutter

Aerial view - 360 photo helps to view problem area

How aerial view 360 photos help in a building survey

Aerial view 360 photos can help in these situations giving a photographic record of the area at the time of the building survey assisting the Building Surveyor in their inspection of the property. Hiring and erecting scaffolding can be time consuming and costly or a cherry picker may also be expensive to hire to view difficult areas to examine. Aerial view 360 photos are a service all our Building Surveyors provide and are included in our building structural surveys enabling accurate and detailed images of any property problem areas.

Take a look at some examples below of our aerial view 360 photos we provide with our building surveys

Schedules of Condition and aerial view 360 photos

A large amount of photos and aerial view 360 photos are including in our Schedules of Condition, which help to give a record of the condition of the property when the survey is carried out. If in the future a dilapidations claim is made then these photos are often critical in negotiations over what can be a very costly exercise and frequently help to save large sums of money too.

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What do the coloured circles and ovals mean in building survey reports? 

We include coloured circles and ovals in our building survey reports this is a system that we have devised in our structural surveys, building surveys, property reports and schedules of condition to highlight property problem areas. The coloured circles and ovals included in the survey photos ensure our clients are not left wondering what or where the problem area is located making our structural surveys very clear to understand.


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